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Lots of sailfish caught on the fly these days.  All VERY aggressive fish.  As well as a two day break for bait fishing in which we released 60 sailfish in a local tournament.

Sailfish Caught on the FLY in 5 days: 52 (lots of bites)

Our biggest highlight was a pulled hook on the unicorn of the seas, an ALBINO sailfish.  Pictures to post soon.

Bite is just 19-25 miles.

Capt Chris Starrs


Back to El Salvador for the 3rd year in a row to compete for the 22nd annual bill fish tournament.  Some of the best competition we have seen in many years.

The best part about this experience is our team was past clients who have been fishing with us in Guatemala before, and we felt it was time for them to see what they had!!  We were just a few fish from getting into the top 5!  Better luck next year.  Great fishing in general, one highlight was a 48 lb bull mahi which got us an award in the fun fish division.  Great tourney as usual.


December 1st, 2016 Fishing Report- 30,30 East, 20-15-8 Sailfish, 3-2-2 Blue Malrin (300 lbs, 400lbs, missed a 450 lber)

What a day! The Sails Call kicked off December with 3 blue marlin bites!  We had some guys looking for a marlin and thats just what they got.  Only boat flying flags that day.

Very good blue water pushing in these days, nice 83-85 degree range.

More to come!

Capt Chris Starrs


Blue Marlin continue to bite in Guatemala.  4 bites in 2 days, lots of sailfish & mahi mahi, EVEN WAHOO!

We were making a turn on a hooked sailfish with all the teasers and bait out of the water, about to back down on the single sail, and then a giant blue marlin shows up in the wash, about 5 yrds off the transom.  A quick pitch of the mackerel and she inhaled it!  TIGHT!!  Now we have a double, stretched out sailfish one way, a blue which we would soon learn is over the 600 lb mark going the other way in a hurry.  We quickly released the sailfish, and screamed in reverse for the blue, 3 hours of tug of war began with the final technical release on the 50 lb test.  Strong fish!  We only got a clear glimpse of the beast on the initiation run, not enough camera men to capture this big girl on film.  That was our 2nd marlin bite of the day, and the last month has had a similar plot.
Two ladies from Laredo Texas fished two days on the Sails Pitch.
Oct 26-27
Day 1:
2-2-1 Blue Marlin
12-8-6 Sailfish
4-3-3 Mahi Mahi
1-1-1 WAHOO!  That's right we got those too!
Day 2:
2-2-0 Blue Marlin (good bites)
21-18-14 Sailfish
2-1-1 Mahi MahiTo the east, nice blue water, great temp.  If you have the hot boat & teasers its been common to see 2-4 blues a day right now.  Nice job ladies, way to represent the great state of TEXAS!

CAPT CHRIS!!  Stay Thirsty!

GOPR1127 0001GOPR1127 0005

Picture on the left is of a 300 lb blue eating a fly, picture on the right it feels the sting, and goes air borne.

Don't go writing Guatemala off as strictly a sailfish fishery.  
The marlin bite is incredible these days (august to nov usually is), and the past 3 weeks is nothing short of world class.  9 miles to 30 miles we are seeing BIG blues.
We had a last minute booking on the fly, to fish Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday.
While the first day was slow, we raised a double header of blues in the last hours, no bite.  The next day on the same spot, we got another shot, this time we stuck that blue!  Quick release too!

That day we saw 5 more blue marlin with several very close shots.  As well as the sailfish where here and there.
3 day total:
12-3-1 Blue Marlin Fly
19-6-3 Sailfish Fly
1-1-1 Mahi Mahi Fly   

We are anxious to get on the bait, for many of these fish were certainly a sure thing with a bait or lure.
More to come!

Capt Chris Starrs

Weather Report



Iztapa, GT


Humidity: 72%

Wind: 7 mph

  • 24 Jan 2017

    Scattered Thunderstorms 82°F 75°F

  • 25 Jan 2017

    Sunny 81°F 75°F

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