Nothing like a great day of marlin fishing and sailfishing, and the best part, nobody around.  We are the only lodge fishing these days.  August has been a real hot month these past years, and while many boats are doing major over hauls, we have learned to keep one free boat on stand by for these months.  The fishing can get red hot on short notice.

Tuesday we set out to follow up on a red hot marlin bite just 25 miles off Guatemala's famous sailfish waters.  We heard over the past weekend, that double digit shots were expected.  15 minutes into the trip we spotted spinning dolphins and from there proceeded to raise a nice blue marlin which we hooked on the lures we were dragging.  We normally do not use lures in Guatemala, just teasers for bait and switch with circle hooks.  But the same local Captain that reported the bite stated that many marlin were not sticking around long enough for a pitch bait.  They went 12-2-2 on blues.  Lazy fish, ideal for live bait.
Our day in the same area was 5-2-1.  The one blue that threw the long lure was easily 400 lb class, pretty fish.

In the mix we raised 12 sailfish on BIG marlin lures which we tried to use as teasers, only releasing 4 sails.  All in all a great marlin bite and sailfish too.
Thursday we will head back out and try to fish our typical sailfish spread with a big marlin lure to encourage the big girl bite.

Reports are showing a very cool push of water to the east of the pocket, and currents are pushing inshore to the east as well.  The edges should produce.  Not warm considering what El Nino usually does.  Thanks to Terrafin we can find the good stuff.  More to come!  Stay thirsty!

aug 26 2015 1a

aug 26 2015 1

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aug 26 2015 3


As usual Guatemala's August marlin bite is in full swing.  In Guatemala the summer months most Captains consider to be ''off season'', its only because the seasonal rains discourage folks, and lack of traveling anglers stops us from fishing.  If we don't fish regularly, we can report or stay on the fish!  To be honest the summer months can be just as good if not better than Jan to March.  For sure the marlin bite is darn good, and BIG blues.

The seasonal rains will actually start to flush out debris into the ocean, causing a perfect habitat for breeding mahi, and ideal marlin bait.

This past Saturday a local boat called ''Chechos'' raised 12 marlin, only released a few and several sailfish in the mix.  Amongst the blue marlin was two stripe marlin as well.  So grand slam time?  This is too good to be sitting around hearing about it.  Capt Chris Starrs and some local tournament anglers are setting our tomorrow to see for themselves.  Armed with the long lens camera & go pro, we are looking for footage and action.  More to come!  Keep in mind this is natural marlin fishing at its best, no FADS, and only 25 miles, returning the same day.
Tight Lines,

Blue Bayou Lodge

We are excited to announce the offical arrival of ''Sails Tactic''.  A 1974, 35 bertram, with new cummins 330 B series.  Currently in Rio Dulce Guatemala, she is enjoying the fresh water carribean life, and the incredible labor hands that inhabbit that region.  Fresh paint, minor repairs and by late Sept she will be trailered to the pacific.

aug 24 2015 1


Dorado days has begun!  Honestly our (MY) favorite time of year.  Its always a good feeling knowing that you will catch loads of mahi if nothing else.  A great boat lunch is certain.  The early rains flush out the rivers which create floating debris, trash lines, all which hold dorado of all sizes.  We finally start to live bait a bit more than our usually drop back style of fishing.

Summertime blues is what the Guatemalan Captains have declared these months.  As well as the usual sailfish bite in the mix.  Can't go wrong.  This past week we saw our best bite in a 5 day stretch, which was 17 raises, 15 bites.  The following day our group from Louisiana (another LA group), found a beautiful ships rope floating, with HUGE mahi mahi stacked up underneath it.

Each pass while trolling fast we were tripled up with 30 plus LB class mahi.  Biggest being 50 lbs we had tight.  Incredible!  These days the bite generally is closer as far as blue water, but we will still go great distances because we are LOCO for fishing.  More to come amigos!!

In Guatemala we rarely use the term ''firing'' unless its non-stop bites. Clearly we have higher standards than places like Costa Rica for what we consider a ''good day'' or even an ''average day''. 20 bites being our averages, which clearly makes Guatemala the best place in the world to catch sailfish, and at times great marlin fishing to accompany as well. In addition just 8 boats were fishing in their own spot which another great aspect about Guatemala, zero pressure on fish! The last two days while fishing with a couple from Charleston SC it has been very, very good. As well as flat calm seas with a very long 15-18 sec period swell.

We have seen 50 shots the last two days, and 40 plus bites each day. 20 miles is all that's needed to get busy. Some boats are even having 80 shots a day with the hot hand and right anglers. In the mix is good sized mahi mahi as well. Keep in mind Guatemala has the world record for 124 releases in one day (8 hr shift), most boats here could challenge that considering the across the board talent with our crews. The best part is the area we are fishing is at least 10 x 10 square miles. Making it easier to stay on the fish. At one point in the day I could count a dozen free jumper less than 50 yards from the boat like it was the Mississippi river with silver carp. Boats are on stand by, if you showed up in the next couple days I would guarantee 40 shots or your money back. It's that good.

This young couple was getting tuned up for the big rock tourney in Morehead, NC this year. I think the rust has been knocked out of the pipes.

Tight Lines from Guatemala

Capt Chris Starrs

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Humidity: 55%

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    Partly Cloudy 91°F 74°F

  • 8 Oct 2015

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