Pacfic Sail Fish -  All year round.  Peak months are Late Oct to early June.  Averages can be 20 sailfish releases to 80 plus on a ''great'' day.  Add a hand full of dorado, a marlin or two, and you will have an untouchable day.

Pacific Marlin- Blue, Black & Stripe all year round potentially.  Late spring to December seems to be the best months.  Stripe marlin show up in Oct and stick around until December/January.  August has been a great month for blues lately throughout the region.

Dorado- All year round.  Although smaller in June, they are thick promoting a good marlin diet.  Oct until May dorado can be 30 to 50 lbs!

Tuna- The bite can be close at 15 miles, but usually 30 plus miles are the great numbers.  30-80 plus lbs and fearless.  August until December holds a good tuna bite.  However, year round tuna fishing is possible.  Find the cool temps!

Inshore- When the water clarity is clear and the tide is up, the rooster fishing can be GREAT!  Along with snapper, and late night snook fishing just outside of the lodge doors in the channel.  Spainsh macks and Jacks around shrimp boats are great fun as well.

NOTE* All clients will be VERY involved in the bait and switch practices of bill fishing.  By your third day, the mates will only be instructed to assist you with the bait rigging and teasing of the fish.  You are on your own to hook the fish and free spool on a big hungry sail.

Where We Go & Why

Part of being successful in this fishery is exploring the limits, and starting trends, not following them.  Each day currents change and the fishery changes with it.  While some local guides will follow the crowd, we break free and use advancements in technology to our advantage.  Systems such as Terrafin & Hiltons, allows us to see satellite imagery for current flow, temperature breaks, and most importantly chlorophyll charts.  These fish thrive in blue water.  We don't leave the dock until the Captains involved in your charter talk about the information needed to get you on fish!  Below are sample charts we use.

bluewater2 2 2015CurrentReport8 26


Only the best for our guest!  On board of all of our boats you will find new shimano tyrnos (5 to 1) 20's & 30s for sails & TLD 50's for marlin, Avets HLX 50s for marlin as well.  Rods crowder!  Very important with this type of fishing you charter a boat with ''high speed'' reels.  5 to 1, to 6 to 1, makes life enjoyable.  In addition we do carry penn international reels for those wanting old school reliability.  You will be happy to know that we spare no expense with our reels and maintenance.  Meaning all of our equipment gets fresh line and grease every 3-5 trips, line every day trip. The same quality can be expected with our fly equipment.  We carry the best, so you won't have to, making the trip down hassle free.  Our boats come with Tibor, Penn & Abel fly reels with temple fork 12 to 14 wt rods.

IMG 0169

Lodge Records & Highlights:

  • Countless 50 shot sailfish days
  • 5 lb Tippet CLUB For FLY With Sail Fish- Ferdi Heymann, South Africa
  • 51 lb Dorado- Henry Kenneweg JR, MI
  • 140 lb estimated Pacific Sail 20 lb Gear- Henry Kenneweg Senior, MI
  • 350 lb estimated Pacific Blue Marlin On 20lb Test- Keith Johnson & Dave Grossman March 2010 (Tagged), MI
  • 400 lb Black Marlin- 50 lb gear, Jack Bookout senior, Texas
  • 350 lb estimated Pacific Blue Marlin on 20 lb test- Bill & Chrystal Boteler  Dec 2010
  • 3 for 4 Stripe Marlin- 20 lb gear- Bill & Chrystal Boteler April 2014
  • 400 lb Blue Marlin- 20 lb gear, All Pro Browns center Alex Mack for TV show on outdoor network (gridiron outdoors)
  • 400 lb Black Marlin- 50 lb gear, Gladys
  • 500 lb Blue Marlin- 50 lb gear, Diana Kovach
  • 50 lb Yellow Fin Tuna- Capt Chris Starrs
  • 52 lb Rooster Fish- Andrew Paquette, GUA
  • 40 Dorado in 1 hour- Patti, Chris, Quique, and Santi
  • 25 Pacific Sails Released- Capt Starrs and team during tournament
  • 4th Place Of 40 Boats- El Savaldor Tournament- 2014- November
  • 18 Sail Fish On The FLY- Jon Nuoffer, NYC
  • 38 lb Wahoo- Paul & Kelly, Canada
  • 50 lb Wahoo- Kelly Todd, Canada
  • 22 beers by Kevin ''the tank'' Todd in 8 hours (personal favorite)

Weather Report



Iztapa, GT


Humidity: 42%

Wind: 7 mph

  • 10 Feb 2016

    Sunny 98°F 65°F

  • 11 Feb 2016

    Sunny 94°F 66°F

Moon Phase

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