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1. NO MORE VACCINATIONS OR TEST REQUIRED!  Guatemala is wide open folks!  Same for your return flights, no more testing.  Come on down!


Welcome To The Sailfish Capital

Guatemala continues to prove that we are the billfish capital of the world, by dominating regions like Panama & Costa Rica with insane averages and yearly release numbers.  We don't have a slow year here.  The key is: Small marina which reduces fishing pressure & federal protection of ALL billfish.

Welcome to the most fertile bill fish waters in the world.  Guatemala's pacific coast produces incredible numbers of aggressive sailfish daily, with 3 varieties of pacific marlin species (Blue, Black & Stripe), and plenty of mahi mahi & quality yellow fin in the mix.  No one day is the same.  Grand slam potential for bill-fish, bloody fish boxes full of yellow fin and dorado.  Let the Blue Bayou Lodge show you what we have been doing for 12 seasons as we celebrate 2020-21 season!  Enjoy the sailfish capital of the world, Iztapa, Guatemala.

With numbers like 124 sail fish released in a single day, and 57 on the fly in one day, it's hard for any other region in the world to compete with this year round bite.  The Blue Bayou Fleet has proven itself as the best value and competitive fishing operation in the region. 

But why does Guatemala have such great bill fishing?

Winds of Tehuantepec Mexico, Bait, Consistent Temperature & Favorable Currents.

The Equartorial Counter Current (toliet bowl). A well defined west to east flow that creates a type of bill fish highway which gathers most of the bill fish just off of Guatemala's coast as known as the ''pocket''. That defined eddy current can be as far as 40 miles some days, but plan on a 20 mile run average, and yes less than 10 mile days do occur.  The bait and fish just go round and round.  In fact the best marlin waters for us is just before the drop, only 10-14 miles in the shallows, eating on bonitas.

In addition to ideal currents, loads of bait will get lured in as a result, and due to the phyiscal location of Guatemala, our ocean temps seem to be more consistent year round for pelagic species (el nino doesn't affect us, it helps us).  The wind that blows through Mexicos Tehuantepec assures the right temperature year round.  A recipe for the best billfish fishery in the world.  You can catch 50 sailfish in July, just as easy as January.  Note* All packages include fuel for 50 miles running (one way) if needed.  We go the distance!

Where Is The Blue Bayou Lodge?

Located in the heart of the Ancient Mayan World is the American owned and USCG captained Blue Bayou Sport Fishing Lodge. The lodge is nestled in the bill fish renowned coast line of Iztapa Guatemala. Our region is accessible by most major Southern US Air Ports by as little as 3 hours (Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and LA). At The Blue Bayou Sport Fishing Lodge & Charters we know the importance of having a productive fishing trip, as well as we know the importance of having a lodge that can offer a vacation like setting with all the amenities, offer comfortable classic game boats, as well as the most affordable packages in the region, and still be located on the water minutes from the marina.

Our lodge also has unique daily runs for fishermen and none fishermen who want to enjoy a night out in La Antigua (highlands), where the bar scene is youthful and fun, shopping is unique, and the restaurants are 5 star over looking a volcano ridge with active volcanoes.

The IGFA certified Blue Bayou Fishing Charters cater to avid fly fishermen for sailfish on the fly, experienced lite tackle anglers for sail fish and marlin, and top notch in shore fishing trips for roosters, jacks, spainsh macks, snapper and snook. Our boats located in Marina Pez Vela are designed for quick runs to the fishing waters, while consuming minimum fuel, yet still offering roomy fishability. This combination assures the lowest packages in Guatemala with the best results. Your adventure, and dream sport fishing charter is just an email away!

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